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Welcome to the Fall Course Schedule, my friends!



Let’s create!

Have a Heart Mosaic                           20180909_141251


September 8 & 9 Saturday 9-1:00pm Sunday 9-10:30am $65

Create a gorgeous hanging heart mosaic on a wooden substrate (also available: Turtle, Whale, and other shapes).  This project will be for indoor display only.  As always, my courses are completely inclusive and all materials are provided.  If you would like to include items of your own, please feel free to bring them.  Saturday is for creating our mosaic artwork and Sunday we grout together.

Mosaic Vintage Window 

October 6 & 7th Saturday 9-1:00pm Sunday 9-1:00 $255window-class-2-e1536536148255.jpgWindow class

Welcome to creating with glass on glass!  Using 1920’s vintage windows removed from homes in the heart of San Diego, we will create amazing works of mosaic art upon the glass of the windows.  These artworks will consist of stained glass, found objects, and ceramic – they will be grouted (not leaded, as in “stained glass”) and provide a unique room divider, patio privacy screen, or window hanging for your home. As always, you are welcome to bring items you wish to include, however it is not necessary as my courses are all inclusive andwindow class 4 all materials are provided.  This course is 2 full days of creating your artwork with two options for grouting your artwork: 1) an agreed upon evening to return to grout, or 2) I will grout the art piece for you.  A large vintage window is provided to each student, all  materials are included, and students should arrive prepared with a design in mind (please discuss and identify with me before class date).

2-D Outdoor Mosaic Garden Panel20180603_102411.jpg

October 20 & 21 Saturday 9-3:00pm Sunday 9-11:00 $125

Welcome to creating mosaic art that will withstand our weather: rain or shine!  In this course, we will create a rectangular panel for hanging in an outdoor setting and you will have the choice of either attaching it directly to a wall or hanging by a wire loop.  You are always welcome to bring items you would like to include in your mosaic, however my courses are inclusive and I provide all materials needed.  I have a myriad of half-cut cups, bowls, etc to be used on the panes as well.

Lazy Susan Course
Serving Tray Course

Mosaic Serving Tray

November 3 & 4  Saturday 9-2:00pm Sunday 9-10:30am $75

This fun course allows the participant to create a functional mosaic lazy susan (turning surface) for table top or a beautiful serving tray to rest on your ottoman.  As always, you are welcome to bring items you wish to include, however it is not necessary as my courses are all inclusive and all materials are provided.

Send emails to ambersmosaicart@gmail.com to register for courses.  Thank you as always for your interest in creating with me!