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2021 Winter Schedule for classes.  Reserve now! Limited classes offered… ambersmosaicart@gmail.com or
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Please note: All classes are as socially distant as possible, masks or face coverings are optional, however no longer required.  Classes are held outdoors. 

Outdoor Mosaic Garden Clay Totem Classes
Not offered in Winter
IMG_20191020_134642 (1)
Photo credit: N. Bailey


  Welcome to creating mosaic art that will withstand  weather!  In this course, we will create a 360-degree mosaic totem on a foot-tall clay pipe which can be placed in an outdoor setting.   

These are sturdy enough to  perch a saucer on top   for a birdbath or simply leave them as is and perch   them in your yard.  You are always welcome to bring items you would like to include in your mosaic, however my courses are inclusive and I provide all materials needed.  This is a 6 hour class time Saturday and 2-hour grout time Sunday, so feel free to pack a snack to take a break and stretch on Saturday – Sunday be ready to get a bit messy.

(This class will only be offered as my supply of vintage clay pipes allows)                                                 Photos: Student’s fabulous totems

Bamboo Platter/Bowl

Great for parties: Plan your private mosaic group today!

Create a fun, fabulous, beautiful work of art for your table top…put in shells, fruit, or nothing!  Simply show off your mosaic creativity in your home.

We will turn a lovely, wide bamboo bowl into a beautiful mosaic covered decorator item with function.  This fun project is great for all levels and as always, you are welcome to bring items and inspiration you would like to include – however my  classes are all inclusive and everything you need is provided.

Tipsy Teapot and Cups Overflowing Garden Mosaic Panel classes

November 13 – 14th Saturday 9:30-3:30pm Sunday 9-11:00am $115

January 8 – 9th Saturday 9:30-3:30pm Sunday 9-11:00am $115

20181021_122758  Create a fun, fabulous, beautiful work of art20210403_130605 for your patio, home, or garden.  You can plant your teapot or cups with succulents or place an air fern into the openings or dangle a string of beads from the cup or spout for a dazzling garden shimmer.  Another fabulous design is  to  create a mosaic bouquet coming from the vessel of choice.  So  much variety for ideas in this fun class!

This panel will be completely weatherproof, have holes placed where you can attach it to a wall with screws or hang by a wire. I have loads of half cut cups, bowls, etc. to create a lovely 3-D vase-look, tipsy teapot, or cups overflowing.  Everyone loves this fun class!

Gazing Garden Orb with Bowling Ball – Three day workshop

(Two meeting days with 4 hours of mosaic and third day is grouting)

Oct 29, 30, and 31st Friday 10:00-2:00, Saturday 9:30-1:30pm, and Sunday 9:30-12:30am $130

Dec 10, 11, 12th Friday 10:00-2:00, Saturday 9:30-1:30pm, and Sunday 9:30-12:30am $130

Create a swaying gazing orb for your garden using a bowling ball! We will mosaic the ball, grout on last20210710_150248 day, post will be provided for you to take with you and mount in your garden.  All materials needed for this stylish, shiny garden mosaic swag will be provided in class.  You will want to create an entire garden display centered on these beautiful orbs!

Stay tuned for the Fall Schedule posted in late Summer.  I have more new, BIG projects planned – you won’t want to miss these!

Mosaic Jewelry Course


Create several fabulous mosaic jewelry pieces using a variety of tiny mosaic tiles, glass, beads, and more.  In this course you will create a pair of earrings, a pendant, and one other jewelry item.  The class is easy, fun, and prepares you for either creating jewelry on your own for personal use or for market sale. 20190227_091825

As always, all materials and supplies needed are included in the cost of the course. Blanks vary and will be provided, choices are limited to availability.

Send emails to ambersmosaicart@gmail.com to register for courses.  Thank you as always for your interest in creating with me!

lazy susan class 3
Students with their completed mosaic lazy susans
Student Tony with his outdoor panel mosaic

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